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MOJ technical guidance

This site documents some of the technical decisions that the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has made for the products we operate.

It complements the Service Manual, which covers service design more broadly.

Security guidance is an accompanying source of security-specific guidance.



Operating services

Building software

General standards



Security Guidance

The security guidance should be read together with this technical guidance.

Adding new guidance

Create a new Markdown file that follows this pattern, add a link to it from this page, and make a pull request:

title: The Title of Your Page
last_reviewed_on: 2020-08-05
review_in: 3 months

# The Title of Your Page

Introduction of a couple of paragraphs to explain why the thing you're
writing about is important. The [title should probably be a verb, not a
noun][good-services-are-verbs] (e.g. “Storing source code”, not “Code


## User needs

Why do we do this thing? Who is it helping?

## Principles

What broad approaches do we follow when we do this thing?

## Tools

What specific bits of software (commercial or open source) do
we use to help us do this thing?

The service manual has some useful information on learning about and writing user needs.

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